How to Install Stock Rom on LG G5 via LG UP


    The easiest way to install stock rom to LG G5: LG UP!

    We have announced LG Flashtool 2014 and LG Offline Flashtool to install stock rom to LG smartphones, before! Now, we’re announcing the easiest way one the LG UP!

    LG UP allow of install stock rom on LG G5 while LG G5 already running! You can find instructions below!


    1. LG G5 850 v10E KDZ
    2. LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1_11.msi
    3. LG G5 H850 dll
    4. LG USB Drivers

    Installation Guide:

    1. Turn OFF your LG G5 then place in Download Mode: Hold Volume Up while plugging in USB cable.
    2. Select your device.
    3. Check “UPGRADE” and uncheck BIN File box under File Type.


    1. Select KDZ or TOT file from directory.
    2. Check Refurbish box in center of the program than click Start button to flash rom to your LG G5.
    3. Flashing will be start! When your LG G5 reboot, installation will have been finish successfuly.
    4. Thats all!
    5. Enjoy your new rom!

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