LG Flashtool is the easiest way for install OS to LG smartphones. LG smartphone owners can easily upgrade and downgrade their smartphones thanks to LG Flashtool 2014.


  1. Download correct OS into your PC.
    Download Stock Rom
  2. Download and install into your PC LG Mobile Support Tool and LG USB Drivers.
    How to Install LG USB Drivers via LG Mobile Support Tool
  3. Download LG Flashtool 2014 into your PC and extract it.
    LG Flashtool

How to Use LG Flashtool 2014?

First of all, turn off your LG smartphone and connect to your PC while pressing Volume Up button. The smartphone will be boot into download mode.

  1. Run the LG Flashtool 2014 and adjust it as picture below.
  2. Click “Select KDZ file” and choose the downloaded kdz file.
    2Now, you should make a choice between “Normal Flash” and “CSE Flash”. This is the differences between “Normal Flash” and “CSE Flash”: “Normal Flash” doesn’t wipe any data from your smartphone but “CSE Flash” wipe your all data and led to clean install. If you will upgrade your OS, you can choose “Normal Flash” but if you will downgrade your OS, you must choose “CSE Flash”. Otherwise your smartphone will be brick.
  3. Just click “Start” in this screen below.
  4. Click “Ok” in this screen below.
    4When you click “Ok” button, LG Mobile Support Tool will run automatically and the installation will start via LG Mobile Support Tool. When installation has finished, your smartphone will boot automatically.

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